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  • James says:

    I need an mot on my bike, but the number plate light is not working, can you tell me please if this is a requirement or not for the test.

    Regards James

  • DAMIAN says:


  • marc brighty says:

    hi what are your opening hours and do u open sundays thank you

    • admin says:

      Our opening hours are 9 – 5:30, Monday to Friday and 9 – 4:30 on Saturdays. And no, sorry, we don’t open on Sundays 🙂

  • Sam Holmes says:


    I have a DT 125 R 56 plate and it is due for an MOT soon.

    Nothing is wrong with the bike from the checks I was able to complete following your website.

    However over the last week or so when I push the rear seat down for the suspension to work, which is fine, the bike makes a squeaking noise underneath, I have been infromed it is probably a dry bush etc, but I would just like clarification as to whether this would cause my bike to fail an MOT due to it squeaking.

    Also I have sparayed WD40 etc all over the nuts and bearings and bushes etc and it did help briefly, however it started agian not long after.

    I have also noticed that when I had not used my bike for over 1 week when it was stored in my garage the squeaking seemd to have stopped totally until I began using it again.

    Many Regards

    Sam Holmes

    • admin says:

      Hi Sam.

      Doesn’t sound too ominous from your description but bring it down and we can take a look then even MOT it at the same time 🙂

  • rob pole says:

    hi, my Honda cbr 125 is due for mot shortly
    are you able to do an mot on saturday 20th October?

  • Andy Barber says:

    Hi, if poss can you tell me if a bike needs mudguards and a chain guard for the MOT???
    Regards Andy

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi andy, niether of these are a requirement, if a chainguard is not fitted then it is an advisory only. If either are fitted then they must meet the requiements of the test, (safe, secure and not fouling anything.) Thanks FTMC

  • Elmo says:

    Hi there does my bike need an ignition to pass mot or would a switch be ok ?

  • Matt says:


    I have an old 1982 Suzuki SB200 I bought last year thats due its MOT soon. It came to me from the garage with a fresh MOT but I didn’t notice until a week later that only the rear brake activates the brake light, the front brake functions fine but doesn’t activate the light – is this normal for a bike of this age or is there a wire missing/faulty.

    Also with it being a 2-stroke is there any issues with emissions that are likely to be a problem or are these bikes except from emissions testing.

    Thanks very much

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, As it was first manufactured before 1st April 1986 it is only required to have the brake light operating from 1 control. If a brake light function is on the front, i.e if it was designed to have 2 brake lights then it will need to work. Currently there are no emissions testing for motorcycles. Hope this helps.

      • Matt says:

        Thanks very much for your last reply thats a relief as I couldn’t even see any electrical cable that would of activated the brake light from the front so I was worried.

        One last thing I forgot to ask in my last comment – the bike has a small oil leak [left cylinder leaks and the oil runs into the down-pipe and drips out the connecting area between the down-pipe and main exhaust section]. Its only a few drops after use normally unless its been sat for a long time and i’ve been told this is normal for a 2 stroke bike of its age and not something to be concerned about, but if it was to drip lightly at any point during the MOT would this be a fail.

        Thanks again for your time much appreciated


        • fasttrack says:

          An oil leak would have to be quite excessive to fail and would need to be contaminating an important area such as brake disks, tires, footpeg’s etc. a slight oil leak is still an advisory item. Happy to help that’s what we’re here for :-). Any further questions don’t hesitate to ask. FTMC

  • Stuart says:

    I have a scooter with broken seat lock. I am told this soul fail MOT as not secure. Do I need to replace lock (expensive) or can I bolt on a hasp and padlock to hold it down?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, the insecure part of it is because the seat opens and is not “secure” down. Therefore anything that secures it down will suffice, e.g a number of cable ties, duct tape e.t.c it doesn’t have to be a lock. FTMC

  • Nick Middleton says:

    I have a euro spec 2001 Honda Transalp. For the speedo, can I just add stickers to the dial for MPH? Also, is it likely that the headlight beam aim will be a fail if I don’t change the headlight unit?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, there is no current M.O.T requirement for the speedo and the headlight may very well be a fail. A brief check to do yourself is to position the bike upright about 1.5 metres away from a white surface e.g a wall or van and see if the beam line kicks up to the left or right. Left kick-up is fine, right kick-up is not (dazzles road users on the oposite side of the road) Hope this helps FTMC

  • Keith says:

    I have a triumph rocket 3 which has factory fitted indicators, I’m installing a set of Krauser panniers which has indicators fitted into the mounting racks. Will this pass an mot as the bike now has 4 indicators at the rear?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, providing they flash togather rather than alternatly and follow the same guidlines as the other indicators then having 4 on the rear isn’t a problem, you may have to experiment with different bulb wattages to ensure they don’t flash too fast or too slow. FTMC

  • carl says:

    hi do u need a front parking light to pass mot?

  • corey harborne says:

    what would i need to do to change my ktm from daytime mot to a allday mot and who would i need to contact and tell ive changed it ?

    • admin says:

      You would need to add indicators, a brake light, high beam and low beam and a horn because the bike will need a full MOT pass. You must also be able to see the indicators flashing from a usual riding position or/and have an idiot light which flashes when they are operating.

  • Howard Witt says:

    I have just imported a restored 1939 BMW R12. I know that I do not need an MOT but would like to get one for peace of mind / proof to insurer that bike is roadworthy. I note that it does not have a brake light nor any switches on the front lever / cable nor on the rear brake pedal / operating rod to operate a brake light. I am assuming that it will need a functioning brake light to pass an MOT, as well as making a lot of sense to help stop someone driving into you.

  • Christopher Johnson says:

    Have been told that… If you fit bar end indicators you only need these and none on the back of said bike. Is this true?. Cheers giz

    • fasttrack says:

      The bar en indicators count as front indicators, so you need to have rear ones as well to pass an MOT.

  • John Conquer says:


    Can you give me some advice please. I have a Pirelli Sport Demon 120/90/18 V on the rear wheel of my Yamaha XJ 900f and a Conti Go 100/90/18 H on the front wheel. There is more than 2mm of tread on both tyres with no cuts or bulges. Are these ok to pass the MOT thanks?


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