MOT checks for lights and signals on motorcycles are divided into seven sections. Please click on a link below to skip to the section of interest.

front and rear position lamps :: headlamps :: stop lamps :: rear reflectors :: indicators :: headlamp aim :: audible warnings

Front and Rear Position Lamps on a Motorcycle

note: the front position light, or sidelight, is considered separate from the motorcycle’s headlight and at least 50% of all light sources within a lamp must function. If lamps are obscured by other parts of the bike they will fail.

  • The front light must emit a white light unless it is within a yellow headlamp and the rear must always be red
  • Both lights must illuminate immediately once the switch is pressed, be securely mounted and not flicker when tapped
  • The switch must also be securely mounted and again, tapping shouldn’t affect the lights
  • One switch must operate both lights

Daylight MOT

If a motorbike has no lights at all, or they are taped, painted or permanently disconnected so as to emit no light whatsoever you can still get an MOT pass but you will receive an advisory note stating that the bike should only be used during the hours of daylight and not during times of seriously reduced visibility.

Fog Lights

The motorcycle MOT does not cover rear fog lights or amber lights within the indicator lens of your bike.

Motorcycle Headlamps

  • Your motorbike’s headlamp must emit either yellow or white light
  • It must light immediately the switch is pressed
  • It should not be adversely affected by any other lamp or the horn
  • It must not flicker when tapped or when the switch is tapped
  • Both headlight and switch must be securely attached to the motorcycle.

Twin headlights

Only one or both headlamps need to illuminate for either dipped or main beam and they must be mounted one on top of the other or symmetrically and no more than 200mm apart.


For the purposes of the MOT mopeds are only required to have a functioning dipped beam.

Pre-1931 Motorcycles

If your bike was built before 1 January 1931 it doesn’t need a headlight at all but if there is one it must function correctly.

Motorcycle Stop Lamps

  • Your motorbike’s stop lamp must emit only a steady red light
  • It must light immediately once the switch(es) is pressed and switch off when released
  • It should not be adversely affected by any other lamp
  • It must be securely attached to the bike and not flicker when tapped
  • Both brakes must operate the stop lamp unless the the was manufactured with only one switch

Slow Vehicles & Mopeds

Bikes which cannot exceed 25mph do not have to have a stop lamp fitted nor do mopeds which were first registered before 1 April 1986 but if fitted they must function correctly.

Rear Reflectors on Motorcycles

  • Your bike must be fitted with one unobscured red reflector
  • It must be securely fitted and reflect squarely to the rear
  • It must be positioned along the motorcycles longitudinal centre line

Extra Reflectors and Tape

Only one reflector is required for the MOT but your bike will not fail for having more. Unfortunately reflective tape is not considered satisfactory.

Motorcycle Indicators

  • Indicators must be fitted to a motorcycle and emit only orange light
  • They must flash on and off, not just dim and brighten
  • They must flash between 60 and 120 times per minute
  • They must be visible when riding or have a functioning idiot light
  • They must be securely fitted and so must the switch
  • They must not be adversely affected by the operation of another lamp or the horn

Motorcycles Registered Pre-1986

Any motorcycle first registered before 1st August 1986 does not need indicators to pass an MOT

Slow and Off-Road Vehicles

Bikes which cannot exceed 30mph or off-road bikes designed to carry just the rider do not need indicators but if fitted they must function correctly.

Motorcycle Headlamp Aim

note: a specialist piece of equipment is needed to correctly check the aim of your motorbikes headlight but if you follow the guidelines below we would be happy to make minor adjustments if necessary free of charge.

  • A motorcycle headlight should point directly forward and slightly downwards
  • The dipped beam must kick-up to the offside of the bike

Motorcycle Horn

  • Your bike must be fitted with a working continuous tone horn or horns
  • It must be loud enough to be heard by other road users
  • It must not make a harsh or grating noise
  • It must be easily operable whilst riding

front and rear position lamps :: headlamps :: stop lamps :: rear reflectors :: indicators :: headlamp aim :: audible warnings

406 Responses to Motorcycle MOT Checks : Lights And Signals

  • Tony Born says:

    What is the minimum spacing of rear indicators, I have bought a E rated rear light with built in indicators and are now facing a fine for having the lights under the suposed minimum of 18 inches apart, the light was listed as being legal for use on UK roads, was the cop just guessing? could you clarify please.

    Cheers Tony

    • admin says:

      Hi Tony. All I can tell you is that we failed one when these type of lights came out… We were subsequently told, by VOSA, that we should in fact pass this type of light as long as it is EU marked. So I would say that in this instance the Police are wrong.

  • Andy says:

    I have just fitted a new rear tail lamp that incorporates the indicators, when the indicator is turned on the stop lamp changes to yellow and flashes( left or right hand side only). Is this considered legal or not as the law states no other light must interfere with the indicator not the other way round.

  • john briscoe says:

    Hi there , i have an old bike and have just restored a set of craven panniers I intend the use a second and third two inch rear light on eash black pannier with full lighting and braking function..this is added to the existing dentre one…will this pass an MOT also if i choose to remove the xisting rear indicators can I fit some small 2″ dome car indicators on the rear of the panniers

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      all of the mentioned modifications are fine, as long as the stop/tail lights are red and showing no white light and the indicators are orange showing no white light. Also as long as the new lights do not affect the operation of any other lights or the horn due to the increase in voltage required to power everything.


  • Ashley says:

    I am currently riding an imported Virago 750 from Europe and I have yet to get round to replacing the headlamp, so it’s still aimed to the right!
    I know that I am able to tape the headlight for the mot to stop the lick kicking up on the right, but what positions should I do it in? I’m thinking about 4 O’clock to about 6 O’clock or somewhere within that general area.


    • admin says:

      Hi Ash,

      That’s not a very common question. Can’t remember the last time we had to tape up a headlight.. But put simply if you sit on your bike with the light on and aim it at your garage wall you should be able to see the kick-up. All you need do is tape it so the line is flat. Hope that helps. If not bring it down and we’ll do it for you when we do the MOT 🙂

  • steve johnson says:

    Hi does my motorcycle (a 2001 yamaha TTR600), need to have a speedometer, neutral light, main beam light and indicator light on the ‘dashboard’? I have removed all of these items. Cheers Steve.

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve. The only MOT requirement is that the indicators must be visible to you from your normal seated position. If they are not you will need to have an idiot light. The other lights are not part of the current MOT test. Nor as it happens is the speedo, though it is a civil offence to not have a consistent method of measuring the speed of a motor vehicle.

  • matt says:


    I’ve installed a custom made tail tidy and was just wondering if a numberplate-light is required to pass an MOT test or is this optional so long as the plates reflective.

    Also if required, are there any specifics relating to it being wired into the bikes electrics, or could the light be power by its own internal small battery to allow ‘bolt on’ lights to be installed without any wiring hassle.

    Thanks for your advice


    • admin says:

      Hi Matt. No, a number plate light is not required for an MOT pass but all lights etc need to be easily controlled from the handlebar switches. In other words, wired into the same loom as the lights at the front. Front and rear lights must work off the same switch.

  • Andy says:

    I have a Honda Transalp and the light switch to turn on the main beam has failed. Dipped headlight works fine and comes on automatically when the ignition turns on as it should. The main beam ‘passing’ button also works. Can you tell me whether this would be an MOT failure. Not having a main beam?

    • admin says:

      Hi Andy,

      Unfortunately you need to be able to switch high beam on and for it to stay on in order to pass an MOT. So yes, that would be a fail.

  • Adam says:

    If a motorbike doesnt have a numberplate light fitted is that a fail? if there is one in its place which has stopped working is that a fail also?


    • admin says:

      No it won’t fail. However it will be recorded as an advisory note and it’s actually a civil offence to not have a light so the Police won’t be too impressed if you ride it at night…

  • Dave says:

    i have a 50cc moped and the glass fell out of the mirrors recently so i have removed them both but its due for an MoT soon and i dont think the ordered mirrors will arive in time, i know its not safe to ride with no mirrors and can even get a FPN but are mirrors an MoT requirement?

  • Simon says:

    The lights come on when I switch the ignition on. I would like to add a switch to control the lights independently from the ignition. Does the lights switch need to be on the handlebars or is it ok to fix it to the dashboard/fairing next to ignition switch (it is a burgman scooter)? It will be easy to reach although not without removing hand from handlebars.

    • admin says:

      As long as the switch is secure and fitted correctly, in other words operating it doesn’t affect any of the other fitted lights, indicators etc, it will be fine.

  • Tim says:

    I have a KTM 525 EXC with no indicator lamps fitted but the switch is present, will it pass an MOT as is or will I need to remove the switch/add the lamps?

    • admin says:

      That’s a hard one. VOSA state that indicators must be fitted unless the bike is ‘constructed or adapted primarily for off-road use’. So if the switch was fitted by the manufacturer and the indicators have simply been removed with no other modifications to make the bike primarily off-road in purpose it will fail. If the bike was manufactured without indicators and someone fitted an after market switch and ‘then’ they were taken off it should pass… Hope that makes sense.

  • Jake says:

    Hi, i have a Honda CRF motocross bike which now has supermoto wheels, the bike wasn’t manufactured with indicators and still doesn’t have any one or have a switch for them, also there is no number plate light,
    Will this still pass my MOT?

  • Always pays to check your lights before the mot. It’s just not worth failing for.

    Often a kind mot tester will adjust, align your headlight for you, or allow you time to do it yourself. But broken indicators, faulty bulbs and badly repaired lenses just won’t cut it.

  • Colin Anthony says:

    Hi, Just got myself a 1981 Kawasaki kz1000 for restoration. It has no indicators fitted. Not even from new. But do i need to fit them for an MOT. Regards Col.

  • Mark Jackson says:

    I’m building a custom bike and don’t want to fit a front sidelight. Can I wire it so the headlight comes on with the ignition (as per my 2003 Suzuki GSX1400) and not bother with the sidelight?

    • admin says:

      As long as it’s permanently on and there’s no switch to turn it off that will be fine. Obviously it needs both high and low beams though.

  • Ralph says:

    I put a Honda X4 (Jap Import) thro M.O.T. with Working Running Lights. that is the front indicators have dual element bulbs,& were on with the sidelights at all times, when indicating, these remained on & the secondary element was flashing quite clearly over the sidelight. They failed it .was this correct as a couple of years back I had ‘Super Magna’ with same lighting arrangement & it passed !

    • admin says:

      Hi Ralph. I can understand why it might have passed as the wording in the MOT manual is slightly ambiguous – Amber lights located within the indicator lamp must not adversely affect the operation of the indicator ie. the indicator must go on and off to function not dim and bright – which suggests by inference that amber lights are allowed. However, it states ‘must go on and off not dim and bright’. In other words if the constant sidelight element doesn’t go out when the indicator element does it’s a fail. The indicator will go dim and bright not on and off. Easy fix though, just disconnect the feed to the sidelight. problem solved 🙂

  • Matt Ryan says:


    I’ve turned my GSXR 600 K6 into a streetfighter. I purchased an aftermarket headlight from the internet which has a lumen rating of around 900 from 3 x 3w LEDs on high beam. This light is not E marked and its dip beam has a flat spread with no kick to either side. how will this fair at MOT time.


    • admin says:

      The headlamp fitted will be OK without an E-mark, but the tester will still need to check the headlamp aim. As long as there is definitely a flat beam pattern it will be fine.

  • Sean says:

    I’m looking to streetfighter my SRAD after a slow speed tumble in which I destroyed the fairing 🙁
    as far as indicators go, I’ve seen some amber LED strip-lights that I think would look pretty good, but of course no E stamp. If I go with this option, will the bike pass MOT?

    • admin says:

      Shouldn’t be a problem but if you put LED lights at the front but not at the back or vice versa they may flash to fast which will fail..

  • chris says:

    Hi I have a gilera ice that I have just bought has no m.o.t and I need to put it through asap. Is it a fail with no stand, speedo ,mirrors and rear reflector? I could ziptie a satnav on 4 now to measure speed. I have orded them but just want to get it through its m.o.t asap. Just curious. And I dnt have previous m.o.t or logbook just new keeper slip. Thanx

    • admin says:

      Oddly enough Chris, yes it’ll pass. Except for the reflector but we have self-adhesive circular ones in stock for just £1. Easy fix 😉

  • Sam says:

    Hi, I have a headlight that I wish to modify slightly but in doing so will remove the emark from the lens but does not afect the light beam in ant way. Would it still be ok to modify and keep the cut off bits to show the lint was emarked? The light is from a gsxr k7 and I am cutting off the side light parts and re positioning the side lights to make a single light for a naked bike. Also are push bike spedometers ok for showing speed?

    • admin says:

      The E-Mark is irrelevant really. What matters is that the beam pattern on the lens. If your mods affect that then it will fail. Also you can’t have any light ‘leakage’ around the seams, it must all be contained within the lens.
      Some form of measuring your speed is a legal requirement but speedometers do not fall under the juristriction of the MOT.

  • Andy Boots Barber says:

    Hi, if poss can tell me if handlebar indicator ends can be used instead of the normal four lamps and would this be MOT legal.

    • admin says:

      As long as they flash at the appropriate speed I see no reason why not for the front, however you do have to have some indicators at the rear of the bike too.

  • jamie Downes says:

    Hello im 16 and getting a 50cc pitbike and im wondering if that could be made road legal and be able to pass the mot if so could you please tell me what i would need to do for itvto pass and become road legal. Many thanks jamie

  • Nick says:

    I have a 1975 moped and would like to know if it requires a high / low beam or is a single setting enough on the headlight ? also does the bike require a reflector on the number plate ?
    Many thanks and sorry if this has been asked before !

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, if it is a true moped (less than 50cc and can not exceed 30mph) then it is not required to have a main beam, providing it was registered before 1st may 1995. If it does exceed 30mph then technically it is a motorcycle. In which case it will need to be registered before 1st january 1972 in order to not need a main beam. Hope this helps FTM

  • Kyle says:

    Hi there,
    I have just taken on restoring a 1973 50cc puch maxi s.
    As the front light and fitting is not very bright at all (passed its mot) it just seems dangerous,
    This may sound silly but could I ride this bike on the road if I take the light fitting off and fit on a much brighter bicycle LED front light fitting. Firstly would this pass its mot and secondly would this be legal?

    Thank you

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, there is nothing specific stating that an l.e.d headlamp is not alowed. It needs to be a white light that has the correct beam pattern. The headlamp itself is what creates the pattern so replacing the bulb with an l.e.d bulb may work. Basically you are looking for a solid line without any ‘kick-up’ to the right and will need to be the correct hight. A beam tester will show both of these which every m.o.t station will have. Hope this helps FTMC

  • Douglas Mancini says:

    Hi, I’m building a custom out of a ’94 Harley Softail. Will I need indicators to pass the MOT? I am planning on also removing the switch.
    – D

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there douglas, indicators are not required for vehicles first registered before 1st august 1986 so im afraid you will need them fitted.
      regards FTMC

  • paul says:

    hi there i have a Harley. on a Q plate can you direct me to a link that would outline what is different in the MOT for it. as i want to remove the indicators.
    I have heard the regs are different for Q plated bikes but not sure of what i can or cannot do. Many thanks , great site BTW.

    • fasttrack says:

      Hey there
      Thank you for your comment about the site, do join our facebook/twitter and show your friends! Our computer tech guy will be happy 🙂
      Your question certainly got us thinking so we made quick phone call to VOSA just to make sure we were giving you the correct info.
      There a few regulations that are date specific, indicator requirement is one of these. Any motorcycle first registered before 1st August 1986 is not required to have indicators, as your vehicle is a “Q” plate it is considered to be first registered in 1971, therefore it is not required to have indicators. Hope this helps, any other questions feel free to ask!
      Regards FTMC

  • Chris Doyle says:

    Hi I have a mc17 cbr 250 1988.
    i have just brought the bike an the problem is that when i turn my main light on my left indicator front an back light up.. they dont flash just light up on the 1 side..!! im just wondering how do i go about sortin this problem or tell me what is causing it?
    Thanks 🙂

    • admin says:

      Sorry Chris but electrical faults are often difficult to diagnose even with the bike in front of us, virtually impossible without. Essentially you need to do what we would do – check all the earths and battery first, then get a wiring diagram and a multi-meter and check the affected components one by one, plus make sure no wires in the loom are bare and/or shorting out against each other.

  • Mark says:

    My 2001 Hornet just failed its mot because the brake light dims ever so slighly when all lights are on and the indicators are turned on. They are fine when the engine is running. Should this have failed?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, as with a lot of things it will be at time of test and opinion of the tester, the manual states as follows…..

      Reason for rejection.
      A lamp which is adversely affected by the operation of another lamp or the horn.

      If the tester felt it was ADVERSELY affected then yes it would fail. HOWEVER it does also state that “On machines without a battery or with an insufficiently charged battery, it will be necessary to run the engine”
      if you are available to pop down to our shop then we have a number of testers who would be happy to offer there opinion, its difficult to say yes or no without actually seeing it. hope this helps FTMC

  • Stephen Pickett says:

    I am considering wiring in my indicators and stop lioghts into some panniers im buying that have lenses pre fitted. Currently they have red lenses. I understand that i need to show only an orange light when indicating. If i have clear lenses supplied with the panniers and then have orange bulbs for indicators and red bulbs for stop light would that be legal

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, yes that would be legal, try to ensure the wattage of the bulbs is correct in the indicators (this varies with each bike and system). If they are flashing more than 120 times a minute or less than 60 times a minute, it is also a fail. thanks, FTMC

  • Leslie Jones says:

    Dear Sir, I Would Like To Change The Headlight Bulbs On A Suzuki Burgman 650 Scooter To The HID Bi-Xenon Hi/Low HID Kit Type,These Are Brighter And what I Have Seen On Youtube They Give Out A Flat Beam. Are These Type Of Bulbs Legal For UK Use?

    Regards Les

    • fasttrack says:

      Hiya, the bulbs are legal to use, whats important is the beam pattern and height etc, to be sure everything is spot on i would pop down to us if your local, if not then your local M.O.T station should be able to check this for you on there beam tester. FTMC

  • Steve says:

    Hi fasttrack, is there a minimum size for a rear reflector?

    • admin says:

      No minimum size is specified no, but obviously it has to be visible, so something insane like 1mm x 1mm wouldn’t get a sign-off but we’ve passed stick-on reflectors of only about 20mm diameter in the past.

  • James says:

    Hi, I live in Canada (Nova Scotia) and will be moving shortly to the UK. I want to import my Yamaha YZF600R. The dipped beam is always on when the ignition is on. Will this be a problem for passing the MOT? Many thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Having the dipped beam permanently on will not fail the MOT but because you lot drive on the wrong side of the road there is sometimes an issue with the dipped beam ‘kicking’ up to right. It can’t do this and would need to be corrected with some form of conversion kit. A flat beam pattern is perfectly OK however.

  • Shane Patel says:

    Hi there, I’ve just bought 2x 9 LED bulbed spotlights from the quid shop as extra lights for winter, I’ve fixed them to a bracket and faced them down at the road (My headlight works fine, Just isn’t good enough on country roads) Is this safe and legal? Please email me back as I read them daily.

    Thank you!


    • fasttrack says:

      Unfortunately i cant say without looking at it whether this is definitely legal or not. It could be fine but to be 100% sure you will need to pop into a local test centre to check them on a pattern tester. thanks FTMC

  • Damien reed says:

    Hi I have an aprilia RS 125 and he fairings are dead after a nose ender 🙁 I’m going to fit fibreglass race fairings with projector lamp but thy have no side lights but the low beam is Allways on with the ignition and cannot be turned off is this okay or will I have to fit a sidelight?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, the most you will get for not having a sidelight is an advisory notice. Sidelights are not obligatory. regards FTMC

  • Darren says:

    My front indicators are mounted to the side farings. If I was to purchase and fit mirrors with built in indicators but use these built in indicators for hazard strobe purposes – will I fail my MOT for not using these as indicators (despite leaving my original indicators intact and functioning)?

    What does the UK law state about using amber/orange hazard strobe lights on motorcycles on UK roads?


    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, this is a bit of a grey area im afraid, the M.O.T inspection manual is fairly vague regarding sidelights/hazards. If we were to go with the exact wording then it is a fail as only a white light is acceptable showing to front, however that inspection applies to the headlight. The VOSA help desk is closed on a saturday so on monday (07/01/2013) we will give them a call to confirm 100% whether this is a pass, fail or advisory and then put the answer on here for you. regards FTMC

      • Darren says:

        Thanks. It’s been really difficult to get an accurate answer to this – as you’ve mentioned, only a white light to shine forward (with the exception of the indicators). I could replace the LED units in the mirrors to be white but I feel this would attract more questions if pulled as it could be seen as imitating an emergency vehicle from a distance. I only need hazard strobe LED’s as I would be a potential hazard (similar to those found on motorway maintenance vehicles/breakdown vehicles). I look forward to VOSA’s response.

        • fasttrack says:

          ok, firstly aplogies for the late reply, got hit by the winter bug at the weekend. I was on hold for nearly 20 mins while the person i asked spoke to her supervisor, she returned saying the question had caused an argument in there office! You are correct in saying flashing lights can only be used by emergency vehicles so if they are flashing/strobing then this is a fail. Providing the other lights are functional and seperate (head/tail indicators etc) then the wing mirror lights would be classed as extra lighting, which isn’t yet covered by the m.o.t test (im told they are currently running through the legislation for this, which takes time) regardless of colour. Faced with this issue during a test i have been advised by Vosa to Pass and advise, with the advisory notice reading something similar to “Extra lights fitted, amber in colour”. In summary, flashing/strobing (any colour) is a fail, extra lighting for now is o.k. One thing they did mention is that M.o.t requirements do differ in places to road laws especially regarding the colour of lights. My advise to you is to make sure the lights are showing a solid colour (not flashing/strobing) and to change them for white ones. Hope this helps FTMC

  • Steven says:

    Hi, can a moped pass its mot if it does not have the underbody/lower fairing on? Thanks.

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi steven, i wouldn’t be able to say a definate yes or no without seeing it, not having them is itself not a reason for failure. What it would fail on is insecurity of anything that may be held in place or secured by those panels. If in doubt you could get it over too us and just ask :-). hope this helps FTMC

  • Jamie Morris says:

    Hi, wondering if you could help me with some advice? I am looking at adding an integral stop / tail / inidcator light unit to my bike:

    How does the E-marking, or lack of in this case affect your MOT?

    Used to know this when I worked in the motor factors as a student but it’s been a while! Looking at converting my CBR600FSport to a Road / Track machine, using ZX6R front faired in indicators and rear flush fit ZX6R light to cut down on exposed track damageable parts.

    Cheers for your help,


    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, a lack of e-mark itself is not a fail, however the fact that it doesn’t have one may mean it operates in a way that would cause a fail. A recent update regarding integral light units from VOSA states that the Tail/brake light needs to be seperate from the indicators. E.G there are some L.E.D tail lights that alternate between tail light and indicadtor when the indicator is operated. This is a direct fail as the rear light is classed as flashing. However there are also some integral lights that when the indicator is operated it leaves the tail light active in the middle, (i have only ever seen one of these on a triumph daytona) and is a pass. The previous example is the most common and we find ourselves failing them fairly regularly. The fact that it isn’t e-marked would suggest that it is the failure type, however without fitting it and checking, were not going to know. hope this helps FTMC

      • Jamie Morris says:

        Thanks for that, much appreciated. Found another unit that is e-marked but the vosa update worries me. The unit is:

        If they are no use I can still go with that shape unit and a tail tidy with standard indicators on. Cheers again.


        • fasttrack says:

          It does seem to mention that that there are different L.E.D’s for indi’s and stop/tail, unfortunately you wont know unless you buy and try! Happy to be of help, any other questions feel free to ask, they don’t necessarily have to M.O.T related, although related to motorcycles would be nice 😀 FTMC

  • Clive Watterson says:


    When i indicate the rear light flashes slightly, would this fail?


  • Connooorrrr says:

    hi there, i have a Gilera Runner 125 that has been bored out and tuned up to a 172 cc. will the MOT mechanic know if these modifications have been made and if so… what could the consequence be for this? help would be greatly needed as its urgent!

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, the details used to M.O.T the bike are taken from the chassis number, which then relates to records held by the D.V.L.A. on the M.O.T computer. Therefore it doesn’t matter for M.O.T purposes what CC you’ve bored it out to. However this is a civil offence, if you were in an accident and the insurance company take it apart then thats a problem. hope this helps FTMC

  • Lisa Upson says:


    Does my 25mm reflector on the back of my bike need to be E marked to pass an MOT please?


    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, no it doesnt have to be e-marked, however, a quote from the inspection manual – “Reflecting and Retro-reflective tape must NOT be regarded as a substitute for an obligatory reflector”. Hope this helps FTMC

  • Niall Newport says:


    My bike fell over the other day and one of the indicator housings cracked. The silver reflector where the bulb sits in has cracked and the screw holes to secure the lens have snapped off. Will my bike pass an MOT if I duck tape a new lens to the housing? No white light would shine through?

    Also my wingmirrors easily unscrew on the thread, would that be a fail?


    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, the way your describing the indicator would suggest it wouldn’t fail, you are correct in saying that showing a white light would cause a fail, in extreme cases where the reflecting part of the indicator is deteriorated it can cause a fail for not being bright/visable enough. This would be down to the tester to decide however. Hope this helps FTMC

  • Gareth Brown says:

    Hi there,

    Im looking at a set of watsen design flushmount indicators but I am struggling to find out if they are legal on UK roads.They are like these shown in the video (be warned you will want it on mute as the background music is shocking!)

    • fasttrack says:

      Hiya, providing the indicators can be easily seen standing in line with the front, (for the front indicators) and inline with the back (for the back indicators) then they are ok. if the tell tale or “idiot light” isn’t working then you will need to be able to see the front indicators from the riding position. hope this helps FTMC

  • Ian Kitson landscape architect says:

    A 1976 motorcycle I am thinking of importing from germany has been modified to have the indicators mounted out of the ends of the handlebars. There are no rear indicators. It has the equivalent german mot. Is this sufficient for a UK mot ?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hey there, For U.K roads it will need to pass a U.K M.O.T, despite most of our regulations coming from the E.U! A couple of things you may find helpful in answering your question is 1. A vehicle first used before 1 August 1986 is exempt from needing indicators, HOWEVER, 2. If indicators are fitted they must meet the requirements of the inspection. As it is, it would fail. you would need to either remove the front indicators or fit rear indicators. Hope this helps FTMC

  • David Robinson says:

    Hi, I’m changing the head light on my 2001 Kawasaki VN800. The one fitted is not the orig, but the one i’m fitting is dipped beam only. Do I have to have a full beam to pass the MOT? If so, can I fit 2 spots eather side as full beams? Cheers.

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, a main beam headlamp is required on a motorcycle of your age and size, many bikes have separate headlamps for main and dip so using the spots should in theory be ok. They would need to pass the requirements of the test still such as beam pattern and correct height. FTMC

  • David Lever says:


    I am restoring an 1984 Honda MTX50, but it has no side stand
    does it need it for its mot or will it be ok


    • fasttrack says:

      hi there, there is no requirement for the stand on the m.o.t. If fitted it will need to be safe secure and return properly. hope this helps FTMC

  • Luke says:


    I’m currently replacing old parts on my 1999 Bandit 600, i’ve replaced the rear light with one that has built in indicators. I’m now wanting to replace my current front headlight and indicators with one that has them all built in. A friend told me that I should make sure the headlight has a beam pattern for the MOT, but the one i’m looking at doesn’t. Would the light definately fail if it has no beam pattern?


    • fasttrack says:

      hi there, it would be hard to say without looking at it on a beam tester as to whether it would fail, you are welcome to pop down we can check the headlight for you. The taillight sounds like it is going to fail, in order to pass the indicators will need to flash SEPERATELY to the brake lights and tail lights. Most of these combo light units alternate between indicators and the other lights causing the brake/tailight to flash. The indicators can still be built in to the tail unit but have to have there own dedicated section of L.E.D’s rather than share with the brake/tail light.

  • Des says:

    Hi ,I’m in the middle of doing up a Honda rebel 125 that’s been stood in a garage for years ,i’m nearly ready to take it for it’s MOT but i can’t get hold of a right hand side panel, the one that covers the battery ,will it fail if the battery isn’t covered ?


    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, simply not being covered up is not a reason for failure, however it will need to be secure and any wiring that may attach to the panel secured too. thanks FTMC

  • Jake says:

    Hi, I have a road legal crf motocross bike which only has a rear brake light switch, will it pass a M.O.T? or is a front brake light switch required?


    • fasttrack says:

      Hi jake, it would depend on how old it is. The inspection manual quotes…… “Machines first used before 1 April 1986 must have a stop lamp that operates from at least one brake control”….”Machines first used on or after 1 April 1986 must have a stop lamp that operates from both brake controls” Hope this helps FTMC

  • Ben says:

    Hi FTMC,
    I have a 2012 ZX6-R. It is used as a track bike so has no lights or mirrors, it is insured and taxed, and I wish to carry a pillion on a daytime journey (I have pillion insurance). If I remove the race tail fairing and put the standard tail (and connect the light) and a number plate, do I need to add any other lights? It will have a tail light permanently on, and also brake light, but no others. Or do I not need to connect the rear light unit at all? I am unsure as to whether all lights will be required if I connect some, but do not want to put the standard front fairings on. There is a rear facing reflector on the number plate.
    Hope you can help!
    Best regards, Ben

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there Ben, When it comes to the “daytime M.O.T” it is all or nothing with the lights. If you were to refit the standard tail unit then you would need to mask over the lights as without this they would fail for being fitted but not working. 2 things are still necessary for the daytime M.O.T. A continuous tone horn and rear facing reflector. The numberplate light is only an advisory if it is not working and therefore doesn’t come under the “daytime M.O.T” rules.
      Hope this helps FTMC

  • Ben says:

    Thanks for such a fast response! Am I allowed to have the rear reflector stuck to the number plate, or does it not matter where it is as long as it is facing to the rear?
    I have a horn still (just in case) so I will just tape over the light once the rear fairing is back on!
    Your help is much appreciated – thank you for clearing up what, to me, is quite a confusing bit of legislation!

    • fasttrack says:

      So long as it is rear facing then you can put the reflector anywhere really. no problem at all that’s what we’re here for 🙂 FTMC

  • graeme says:

    hey there , im building a chopper and im wondering if I can mot the bike without indicators, as I havn,t planned to fit them,

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, it would depend on when the motorcycle was first registered, before 1 August 1986 and indicators are not a requirement. After that date and they are a requirement. 1986 is around the C/D reg, double check your log book for the actual date of first registration. FTMC

  • Brian Gardener says:

    Hi, I have a 1973 Kawasaki KE100. I need to take it for an MOT but the indicators only just come on dim. I replaced the battery for last years MOT and I have only done about 150 miles since. Do you think I need a new flasher relay?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, unfortunately with that sort of problem its very difficult for us to diagnose, especially if it is a 6v system, as it could be any number of things causing the lights to go dim. We are a little more lenient with older electrics but that doesn’t count for every tester as a lot of items are left to the discretion of the tester. FTMC

  • Nat Victor says:

    Hi, I’m building a K100 special. I’ve cut the rear frame down and would like to fit amber LED indicator bulbs within the frame stubs. They will be clearly visible from the rear but possibly not from 1/4 angles or side on. I will be fitting an idiot light on the dash but is there any rule (MOT or civil) that the light should be visible from anywhere but rearwards. Cheers!

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, im not sure about the civil law regarding this and without actually seeing the bike in the “flesh” i wouldn’t be able to comment whether it would pass or fail, however i can quote the M.O.T regulation for you….

      Statutory Indicators
      The precise position and angle of visibility of direction indicators are not part of this inspection, but they must be on each side of the longitudinal axis of a solo machine.

      Method of inspection
      Operate the direction indicators on each side in turn and check the colour, flash rate and that it is not obscured…..

      As you can see its a bit of a grey area, it may very well be that it is left to the discretion of the tester as to whether they are obscured or not as although it can not fail SPECIFICALLY for its position it can fail for being obscured. Just for reference too the manual states that an idiot light or “tell tale”, to give it its official name, is only needed if the front indicators are not visible from the seated riding position. Hope all this helps FTMC

  • rob says:

    Hi, I have put some additional driving lights on the front of my BMW. They are hard wired so they always come on. The are down by the mudguard (not the higher level lights I’ve seen on a GS). They are very bright! The normal headlight still works fine. Will this pass an MOT?


    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, the extra lights are not included in the m.o.t test so they shouldn’t cause a fail. For the sake of others I would just make sure that they don’t point too high and dazzle other road users. FTMC

  • Simon Roberts says:

    HI there, i have a ZX12R on a 06 plate, which is due an MOT soon, i’ve just realised that the pass light switch isn’t working but the main/ dip light switch does work is this an MOT fail? Cheers

  • ADAM says: : I was looking at getting a couple of thes led strips in amber(or as close as) to use as rear indicators on my hyosung 125(drilling each hole and popping them through along the rim of the tail) would this be legal?
    these led do have that plastic coating which kind of acts as a diffuser
    i have seen them on a youtube video exactly how i want them, but i dont think it was in england. pls help, i would love to be able to do this!

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there providing they are easily visible, secure and amber in colour then you should be fine. Its difficult to say a definate yes or no without seeing them “in person” FTMC

      • adam says:

        well its not the ”YES, OF CAUSE YOU CAN, GO AHEAD IT WILL LOOK GREAT” that i was hoping for but thank you. i will speak to a bike mechanic near me and see if i can get him to do my mot, it may up to his discretion. 😉

        • fasttrack says:

          haha no worries Adam, we have to be careful about what we say say a definite yes or no too as it is matters of the law 🙂 hope it works out, sounds like it would look great FTMC

  • Tim Crow says:

    My bike has a current full MOT – if I remove the headlight completely is it still legal to ride it in daytime only when visibility isn’t reduced?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi Tim, Providing ALL the lights have been removed or covered over then yes that would be fine. The exact wording in the Manual and therefore the wording used on the M.O.T certificate is
      This inspection applies to: All machines. Except those which have neither front nor rear position lamps, [inc headlight, taillight, indicators, stop light(s)] or have such lamps PERMANENTLY DISCONNECTED, painted over or masked that are
      1. only used during daylight hours, and
      2. not used during times of reduced visibility
      If this situation occurs the machine presenter should be issued an advisory notice recording the above

      This is more commonly known as a daytime M.O.T
      hope this helps FTMC

  • Michael says:

    Hi there
    Can you please look at the picture below, the bike has integrated light installed above the pipe which has indicators and stop signal integrated. The guy has also indicators on the side. Would my bike pass the test if I use the integrated turn signals only? In addition is the way the number plate is mounted legal?
    Thank you

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, most setups of integral tail-light units are an M.O.T fail, this may be why hes got seperate indicators. If the indicators ALTERNATE with th the tail/brake light then that is a fail, however if the indicator IS NOT interacting with the stop/tail light then that is ok. The number plate location is a difficult one to say and id need to see it in person to give it a proper check. FTMC

  • lisa says:

    Is it legal to have blue led strip lights underneath a motorbike? I brought them to give myself extra viability at night and they are able to be turned on and off with a switch, but would i be pulled over for having them? Ive been told by some its ok as long as its not at the front or rear of the bike?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, i am unfamilier with road law (which can differ sometimes to MOT law) on this subject and some quick research shows it to be a grey subject. As for the M.O.T extra lights fitted are not part of the test. Your best bet is to ask a police officer about the legality of it. FTMC

  • David says:


    My MOT is coming up from my TGB Hawk 2010 Moped I was wondering if the body work on the ped matters whether or not it passes or fails its all secure and taped up i see no problem but there might be something i don’t know? please help thanks


    • fasttrack says:

      Unfortunately ‘im not going to be able to say without you being more specific or me seeing it in person. If you believe it to be secure then pop it down 🙂 FTMC

  • Rob Owen says:

    I have a track bike which I use 90% of the time off-road, it has lights, brake & normal but no indicators.
    Apart from this it is road legal, tyres, exhaust etc all meet requirements.
    I want to maintain my MOT certificate for safety & re-sale reasons.
    Can this b classified as an off-road bike?

    • Rob Owen says:

      Further to my e- mail above, my bike doesn’t have pillion pegs so I can’t carry a pillion either.

      • fasttrack says:

        If it is a twin seat then you will need either the pillion pegs fitting OR some form of cowl/pod to turn it into a single seat. FTMC

    • fasttrack says:

      As it stands it shouldn’t pass an M.O.T You would need to either 1. Fit some indicators or 2. Mask over and disconnect ALL lights. Option 2 is the “daytime” M.O.T which is basically a normal M.O.T with an advisory stating that the vehicle is not to be used at night time or times of reduced visibility. HOWEVER if it was first registered before 1st feb 1986 then indicators aren’t a requirement. FTMC

  • John says:

    Hi, I have a PIAGGIO X9 250 2000., I want to fit headlamps from a 2004 model, but notice the light plug and harness only have two wires, whereas my original has three wires. My question is, how can you dip the lights if the bulbs have only two terminals, ie. one filliment. The bulbs themselves are totally different to my original ones and my original bulbs won’t fit the 2004 reflectors.

    • fasttrack says:

      The difference you are seeing is the difference between markets, the E.U does things slightly different to the UK which in turn does things separate to America etc etc. The single filament bulbs will be set up with one bulb for dip beam and the other for high beam. The twin filament systems are dip beam on both bulbs and high beam on both. I’m unsure as to whether you can get a functional, legal headlight out of the available options, i would need to see them in person ideally. FTMC

  • terry mc hugh says:

    hi,my bikes main beam doesn’t work but dip does,,,will I pass mot…my friend works at test centre and says it should,,,can u help,,,want to book it in tomorrow,,,,part costs £299 to get it fixed to give back main beam,,,argh,,,,,lol

    • fasttrack says:

      That shouldn’t pass an M.O.T unless it “was first used on or after 1 may 1995 that cannot exceed 30mph with an engine capacity of less than 50cc. That seems a bit excessive for a headlight fix, £299? what have you been told is the problem and what bike is it? FTMC

  • Pete says:

    I have a Yamaha Dragstar 1100, USA import. Currently, the front indicator lenses are clear, amber bulbs are twin filament (8/27W). The 8 watt filament cable (amber running light) is disconnected. Would this be legal if I reconnected?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, im not sure if this is ok for ROAD law (this differs slightly from M.O.T law) but appears to be o.k for the M.O.T. I will quote the manual for you to interpret 🙂

      1.1 Front and rear position lamps
      Reason for rejection
      2.a. A front position Lamp shows a light other than WHITE to the front.

      However in the information column there a Section that reads…..

      Fog lamps and amber lamps
      The inspection (1.1) does NOT include rear fog lamps or amber lamps located within the indicators.

      Hope this helps FTMC

  • robert bowen says:

    ive recently streetfightered my rf900 and am fitting some trailtech vapor clocks at the moment theres no “idiot lights” (main,indicators,fuel,oil) fitted cause there a seperate kit do i need them fitted to pass the mot or will it fail ?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, there is only one instance in the M.O.T where the vehicle can fail for this for no idiot lights and it is quite specific to the indicators. The idiot light only needs to work if the indicators cannot be seen from the normal riding position. Hope this helps FTMC

  • rory stewart says:

    hi i just fitted l.e.d rear lights that have clear lens but light up red whats the law on having them fitted

  • steve bromham says:

    Hi, I have a 1993 Yamaha townmate t80. The indecators are dim and flash slow, despite new battery and flasher unit. Also I have used electrical tape to secure a indecator as the fixing is splitting. There is slight play with the swing arm bearings. Would it pass a mot with these issues. Thanks

    • fasttrack says:

      hi there, the indicators have a set “rule” that decides whether they fail or not. For visibility at least 50% of the light source needs to illuminate and they need to flash no more than 120 times a minute and no less than 60 times a minute. If either of these is an issue for your bike then the next step is to experiment with different wattages on the bulbs increasing and/or decreasing the wattage can change flashing rate and brightness. Providing the indicator is secure you can tape it up as much as you like! The swing arm however is down the testers discretion as to whether the play in the swing arm is bad enough to fail. as a minimum i should think it would get advised, failed if your tester feels its too bad. Hope this helps FTMC

  • steve bromham says:

    thank you.

  • Don says:

    I have a 1991 Sportster with push and hold indicators, will this pass an MOT. (planning on changing the relay, but am curious.

    Also, Main beam warning light….a requirement or not?


    • fasttrack says:

      Hiya, that will be fine for M.O.T, the only warning light or tell tale that is required is the indicator tell tale and this is only required if the indicators cannot be seen from the normal riding position. FTMC

  • Alan Fagg says:

    I’ve got an Enfield where I have fitted one of those break light flashing units.
    When I use the break the rear break light flashes 3 times before becoming stready – to get the attention of anybody behind.
    Do I need to disable this to get it through its MOT?

  • Anthony Wright says:

    I have read through this thread and there are many questions about combined brake light and indicator lights.

    I had such a light on my SV1000S and was told by the MoT station it would no longer pass with that type of light due to the brake light going off when the indicator came on. He said VOSA sent out a bulletin last year about it.

    Is he right?


    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, he is correct yes. The reason it fails is the brake light is classed as flashing and/or being interfered with by the indicator. There are some combined indicator/tail-light units that do pass, these have a separate section of the unit that is for the indicators so the brake/tail is still active when the indicators flash, rather than alternating between indicator and brake. FTMC

  • Neil says:

    Hi there, hope that you can help.

    I run a BMW R1200GS that I use as a volunteer emergency blood rider for North West Blood Bikes. As it is a charity, I use, run & maintain my own bike, although it i in ‘civilian’ colours.

    I have white strobe lights at the front of the vehicle which are used only when I am on an emergency blood & organ run, and am wearing the Blood Bike Hi viz & uniform. I have now been told that this is illegal & I can only use amber strobe lights? Any suggestions would be helpful
    Regards, Neil

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there Neil, unfortunately this subject is really quite complicated and i can only quote what would happen in an M.O.T environment and not necessarily what is or isn’t legal on the road. Road laws can differ to M.O.T requirements (e.g speedometer is not required for M.O.T but is an endorsable offense on the road). If you give the shop a ring on (0116)2623099 and ask for Nathan, he will discuss the best options for you. FTMC

  • Simon Davies says:

    Hi, really helpful website! My son has and XR125 and a he is always dropping it and banging into stuff – hence he looses indicators fairly regularly. If both rear indicators comply with MOT requirements does it matter if they are different? The cheap (non Honda one) flashes at the right rate and is amber but is not very bright. MOT wise are there any requirements on how bright they need to be and does it matter if the indicators are different?
    Thanks, Simon

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, it doesn’t matter if the indicators are not matching. So long as they display an oranger light, the brightness is left down to the testers discretion as there is no way really to measure brightness other than by eye.

  • Ben Nicholson says:

    Hello, I need a unique solution to mounting a red tail/brake light on my bike, as the customisations I’ve done include a very short rear mudguard which isn’t adequate to support a central rear light. Is it legal to use two lights, either side of the mudguard? The fixing height etc. remains about the same. I’ve seen streetfighters with a split rear light, but what is the maximum distance apart that twin rear lights can be mounted (and, if defined, is that the centre-to-centre distance, or edge-to-edge)? Thanks, Ben.

    • fasttrack says:

      Hiya, there is no set definitions or measurements for this. They must be Rear facing and not obscured and can be separate, as they are viewed as separate by the inspection manual. For example if you mount the brake light on the left rear then to pass it will need to be visable from the rear right and vise versa. Hope this helps FTMC

  • j h says:

    My old bmw R100RT dipswitch has died. A new switchgear cluster is out of my price range at the moment and the bikes MOT has just run out.
    I wonder Would it be legal to mount a separate dipswitch in the fairing or on the dash?

  • georgina says:

    Hi I am having a problem with these integrated tail lights as I was stopped by the police and told these are not uk legal also have checked with local bike mot centre

    Half my brake light goes out when the indicator is on, can you let me know if this is right as supplier says this is wrong.

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, unfortunately that set-up is an M.O.T failure, the reason it fails is because the indicators are interfering with stop/tail light. There are some combined light units out there that are a pass, these have a seperate section of l.e.d’s for the indicators so that they don’t extinguish the stop/tail. Hope this helps FTMC

  • Joshb1434 says:

    Hi, I have been restoring my bike ready for it mot, I have swapped the indicators to led’s I then had to replace the relay to match but they don’t go completely off just very dull (5% of full) is this a fail and how can I fix it?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, this one is a little bit of a grey area as the manual can be interpreted either way. When this happens it is generally left to the discretion of the tester as to whether it constitutes a failure or not. For your benefit i will quote the manual for you and offer my interpretation.
      “Amber lamps located within the indicator lamp must not adversely affect the operation of the indicator i.e the indicator must go on and off to function not dim and bright.”
      Some American imports have this set up where there is a twin filament bulb and the dim filament is used as a side-light of sorts. Although your setup differs the basic principles are the same, the indicator in your case isn’t working as designed and is alternating dim/bright rather than flashing, suggesting that it is an M.O.T fail. You might find other testers may advise this rather than fail if they feel that its dim enough to be considered off. Hope this helps FTMC

  • Joshb1434 says:

    Hi, must a bike have a battery for an mot? It has both electric and kick start and functions properly without one when running?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi, a battery is not a necessity, however on some vehicles the indicators and various other lights do not function properly without the battery. FTMC

  • Rikki Wolf says:

    Hi, a few questions for you. I`ve got a cruiser style 125.. I`ve do ne quite a bit of modding to the bike, which i`m hoping won`t effect the MOT, i have 2 red led skull lights on each side of the bike one above the engine, one on the side of the rear pannier. an led stop/tail indicator/number plate light but also have indicators on storks on the front and rear. My spots are led ring lighted but have a blue effect on the front, i have a tail/stop led strip in the back of the back rest and have just put on a headlight fairing but had to adapt the headlight for it to fit properly, does it matter where the headlight is positioned (had to move the headlight forward and only using one headlight bolt instead of the 2 that on the bottom bracket. Any help would be greatful, MOT isn`t due until Feb 2014 but want to make sure it passes. thanks

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there! ok
      1. For the headlights, they will need to be forward facing and as close to the centre line of the bike as “resonably practical”. This also applies to the stop/tail light but rear facing of course.
      2.The headlamp aim and beam pattern will need to be correct, the equipment at the M.O.T station will be able to show that.
      3.The blue effect on the spots is an M.O.T failure
      4.If the integral stop/tail/indicator is alternating between indicator and stop/tail then that is a failure (most of these types are this setup) There are some combined units that do not alternate between the two, they have a seperate section of Led’s dedicated to the indicators, these are O.K. If yours is the failure type then simply cutting the indicator feed to the stop/tail and using the stalk indicators will be fine.
      Hope this helps, any other questions.. ask away

  • Tony Bar says:

    Hi and thanks for all the great advice,

    My 1997 Honda XR600R has just failed its MOT. I only just bought it recently (with an existing MOT) so this is the first time I’ve had it tested.
    It has no indicators or indicator switch (wasn’t originally made with any) and this was the reason for the failure.
    I pointed out that it’s a on\off road machine with no rear footrests etc and didn’t need indicators. The MOT station (John’s of Romford) said that they could only issue me with a daylight MOT without indicators.
    Can you please confirm that I can get a FULL MOT when the bike has no indicators or switch? It has lights, brake light etc which all work just fine.

    Thanks in advance,

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, you are correct with what you say. Ask your M.O.T station to check the testing manual for exemptions to indicators, the exact wording reads: “Off road motor bicycles that are designed to carry only the rider”. However you will need to be sure that this is ORIGINALLY designed as an off-road machine and not a road machine that has been converted, i.e it has a 2 person seat with the foot pegs removed. The various research i have done indicates that the XR600 was an off-road machine it might be worth gathering some “proof” to take to the M.O.T station with you as they probably won’t appreciate being told they are wrong and to be fair to them its quite a specific exemption, one that we have had to phone VOSA ourselves to confirm our understanding of the wording in the manual. If they still argue about it then i’d suggest asking them to confirm with VOSA. Hope this helps FTMC

  • kevin norley says:

    Hi, I am restoring a 1978 yamaha xs 250, I have purchased a new headlamp it does not have a side light in it, Can you tell me is this an mot failiure ?? I have been looking on various sites etc some people say no side light is required ?? Can you help ??

  • Mike Heyes says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of buying a 1933 AJS 250cc vintage motorcycle but there are no lights fitted is it ROAD LEGAL????
    Regards Mike

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, the fact it has no lights would just means that it won’t be legal to ride at nighttime or times of reduced visibility. The M.O.T will show an advisory stating this AKA a daytime M.O.T. Hope this helps FTMC

  • stephen says:

    Hi there will my 125 pass its mot without the rev counter working

  • John Brindle says:

    Hi Tony brilliant helpful site, My son has a Rieju Rs2Matrix 50cc as do some of his mates. It is a later one with tail/brake light L.E.Ds and no seperate number plate light. They all seem the same with no light showing downward.
    Is this a failure and can you please advise.
    Many thanks tony

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, for a 50cc it is not obligatory and they come fitted on 125’s, however not having one/not working in either case doesn’t constitute a failure. FTMC

  • Fido says:

    Hi there, firstly – great site.

    I have a twin LED brake / indicator light on the rear of my bike. Could you please let me know if these are still legal as my local shop has told me that ‘the lights are too close together to tell which indicator is flashing’.

    Thanks in advance.

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, if the integral stop/tail/indicator is alternating between indicator and stop/tail then that is a failure (most of these types are this setup) There are some combined units that do not alternate between the two, they have a seperate section of Led’s dedicated to the indicators, these are O.K. If yours is the failure type then simply cutting the indicator feed to the stop/tail and using the stalk indicators will be fine. Hope this helps. FTMC

  • Graham T says:

    Hi, I have a Sinnis Eagle 125 Scoot. The rear light is legal at best, the lense is very thin and the reflector covers the legal requirements, but only just.
    As I use my scoot all year, what I would like to do is completely remove the exsisting fitting and replace it. As there is no compatible replacement (apart from maybe the Sinnis Matrix II) I am thinking of using an LED unit to replace the old unit. This would ease the load on the electrical system, and give me some scope for front fog lamps. What are the legal aspects of this modification. The fitting I was considering is on the link below.

    Thanks. Graham

    • fasttrack says:

      Hiya, Without seeing the finished unit it would be hard to say whether it would be suitable for the mot. It seems in theory to be O.K. based on the link you have provided. FTMC

      • Graham T says:

        Hi and thanks for the reply.

        I was thinking of removing the existing reflector from the fitted unit and replacing it with the LED unit shown. this would keep the scooters original lines/looks, and would keep the rear light at the same angles. the original lens is just a clear red cover with no prism effect within the lens, the reflector does all the work so to speak.


  • Lloyd Slattery says:

    Hi there,

    Im thinking of making up a new headlight for my 125, I want to fit a small headlight into a flat piece of plastic which will pivot for adjusting the dip. I’ve found a uk road legal light to fit, they sell 3 individual units for side light, dip beam and main beam. Do I need all 3 lights to pass an MOT? As they are £50 each and to be honest I could live without a side light and main beam. I think you’ve given me all the information I need for the correct spacing but if you can see any floors to my idea please let me know. Thanks, Lloyd

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, if fitted from new then it will need both hi and low beam. A side light is not a requirement and should be advised on an mot if it isn’t there/not working. One issue i can see you possibly having is the height of the headlamp aim. Your local mot station should be able to assist you with adjusting this. FTMC

  • Stuart finlayson says:

    Hi, Im thinking about replacing my rer reflector on my VFR800 for an LED Reflector. Exact same size as a standard motorcycle reflector but it also contains approx 12 LEDs that are constantly lit up when lights are on. It also lights up more LEDs when you brake. Will this pass its MOT?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, it really depends whether the reflector is being Completely replaced, rear reflectors are a requirement so replacing it with a stop/tail light would cause it to fail. Reflectors do not require electrical power so are a safety aspect when you don’t have lights on or for example you have broken down! Hope this helps FTMC

      • John Calder says:

        realy usefull web site, thanks.
        Is there a minimum wattage requirement for headlight main beam ,dip beam and side lights?

        • fasttrack says:

          There is no stated number however, the brightness of the headlamps is left to the testers discretion, so if the tester believes them to be “ineffective” then it could still fail. FTMC

  • Peter Blockley says:

    Hi there i have purchased a universal dash head light from bike it and fittied a side light to it would pass a mot with it on both the lights illuminate as the same time for both dip and main beam

    • fasttrack says:

      hi there, if both main and dip are permanently on together then this would not pass, they would need to operate individualy to pass. FTMC

  • Ryan Maund says:

    Hi, I have a 2002 yamaha r6 and 1 of the headlight lenses are broken so obviously needs to be replaced for mot. Because they are quite pricey to get new from a genuine yamaha or motorcycle shop I have looked at getting a new headlight unit from ebay and amazon which are a lot cheaper but mainly all imported from America and Hong Kong. Do you know if they can be used in the UK? And/Or will they cause the lights to aim the wrong way as if you were driving on the other side of the road. Thanks

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, without seeing them fitted and checking on the beam tester i wouldn’t be able to give a definate answer. It is a risk that being American it would kick up to the wrong side. My suggestion is to ask whoever you decide to buy it off whether it is legal for the U.K roads, that way if it isn’t then you will be able to get refunded based on incorrect information. Simply being E-Marked would be assurance enough as Europe also drives on the other side of the road. Hope this helps FTMC

  • Mark Kipling says:

    Hi. Im building a custom bobber its a 93 vt600 and iv rebuilt the loom without indicators, there are no switches, relays or lights fitted. Theres no wiring for the indicators to be mounted on. Will it pass mot without indicators if iv taken measures to remove the whole system? Many thanks, Mark

    • fasttrack says:

      Hiya, without any lights at all and the relevant lenses masked off it will be classed as a “daytime M.O.T”, which is effectively a normal M.O.T with an advisory stating that it is not to be ridden at night or times of reduced visibility. If this isn’t your intention then im afraid all lights, including indicators will need to be fitted and working as the cut off year for indicators not being statutory is 1986. Hope this helps. FTMC

  • Daniel says:

    Hi, I’m planning to relocate my ignition and kill switch down on the right hand side of my bike and the start button to ignition current position. Would this be considered as legal? My main concern is the kill switch as people have told me it has to be on the right bar, but I never use it and want to clear my bars as much as possible. Thanks

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, there is nothing mentioned in the M.O.T manual to sate that a kill switch should be a specific location, or even fitted in the first place. Hope this helps FTMC

  • Wayne barradell says:

    Hi. Hot a 50 cc moped will it fail a mot if the main bream light on he dashboard is not working

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, the dashboard lights not working do not constitute a failure, however it should be something that is advised on the M.O.T. FTMC

  • Wayne barradell says:

    Hi I got a 50 cc moped my high beam dashboard light strays on will it pass the mot like that thanks

    • fasttrack says:

      There isn’t anything in the manual regarding dash lights so that should be an advisory, the only mention i can find is about the indicator dash light – which needs to operating, and only if the indicators are not visible from the seated position. FTMC

  • andrew says:

    Hi, I hve just brought a moto cross bike that has been made road legal,
    It has come with a new MOT on it but as no lights so only day use,
    But NO brake light ? Is not having a brake light legal ?
    Thanks Andrew

    • fasttrack says:

      That is fine for a “daytime” M.O.T. FTMC

      • John Calder says:

        Are the pushbike type digital speedometers legal on a motorcycle? i have seen a few enduro type bikes with them

        • fasttrack says:

          Heya, the speedometer isn’t covered on an M.O.T, as to whether this is o.k on the road i am unsure about. I can’t see it being a problem however do not take my word for this, it may be worth asking a traffic cop about this (i have done this a number of times myself for non-m.o.t related questions and they generally know there stuff). FTMC

  • Hi I have yamaha dragstar and put blue l e d s under both sides on the bottom of the frame, they are on a switch,to use in the dark are they legal.and 2 spots on the front which are ringed with blue l e ds round the outside of the spots which come on with the engine running, the spots are on a switch.if either are not legal,fuse out not working would this affect mot.

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, If your not an emergency service then any display of blue light is illegal. I would leave the fuse out for M.O.T as if they can be switched on and seen working then that would cause a fail. In the interest of staying legal outside of the M.O.T i would remove them completely or replace with white lights. FTMC

  • christian says:

    Hello I was wondering if you could help please, can you tell me if my bike will pass the mot with the following problems fzr600r 1995
    1.fork seals leakingl but covered up with neoprene gaitors
    2 no speedo
    3 I have two lights on the back one is a brake light one is a tail light
    chain has some rust marks inbetween the links
    4 pasenger section of subframe unbolted to make single seater
    5 rear shock covered with neoprene cover
    6 there are no dash lights
    sorry for the questions

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, no need to apologise! Questions are what we are here for :-).
      1. Fork seals leaking would cause a fail, however we are not aloud to remove the gaitors to check so providing there is no oil dribbling down the fork legs/on the caliper and/or disk then we can’t fail what we can’t see. (my advise is to replace them)
      2.The speedometer isn’t covered in an M.O.T test however it is an endorsable civil offence.
      3. Providing AT LEAST 1 tail and 1 brake light is working then that would be o.k.
      Ensure chain isn’t too loose, rust doesn’t matter
      4. Providing the pillion pegs are also removed then a single seat is fine.
      5. Same allies to the rear shock as with front – any visable oil leaking out the gaitor will be a problem.
      6. The only dash light mentioned in the M.O.T Manual is for the indicators – this is a requirement ONLY if the indicators are not visable from a normal riding position.

      Hope this helps, any other questions feel free to ask. FTMC

  • Dan says:

    Hi there,

    Really useful sight. Thanks for the info so far! I’m looking at changing the headlight on my 97 bandit 1200. It has an aftermafket polisport unit on it at the moment installed by the previous owner and it’s a bit rubbish!

    Having trawled through a fair amount of info so far, I am still struggling to understand the legality of HID kits and LEDs. From what I gather here, as long as the beam shape is flat, not too high and not too blue then it’s legal? I’ve read that for HID kits to be legal, a self levelling system needs to be in place. Is this the case?

    What I would like is a cluster of led units.. One bright main/dipped beam in the middle and then some dimmer accent spots as running lights. These would be situated irregularly around the main headlamp unit at say, 12 o’clock and 7 o’clock. Would this get laughed out of a test centre?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there, L.E.D’s themselves are not a reason for failure, the failure will likely come from incorrect/non-existent beam pattern, since the Headlight is the only light requiring a pattern, using L.E.D’s for the side lights and/or spot lights is O.K, extra spots are not classed as a testable item. (They could still fail if they’re blue tho) Currently the self leveling aspect of HID lights is a civil offence (not covered by the M.O.T but still illegal if missing) that doesn’t mean VOSA won’t eventually incorporate it into the test. Hope this helps FTMC

  • John says:

    I am just going through the registration process for an imported VN1600. Currently the front indicators are continuously on as driving lights but flash as normal when indicating. Is this a fail?


    • admin says:

      The running lights in the indicators are fine as long as they don’t impair the function of the actual driving lights when the indicator is being used. The difference in the two bulbs needs to be clearly visible.

  • Alan Ridings says:

    Hi, I’ve bought a hardtail project and it has no indicators or wiring in the loom for indicators. Do I need to fit some or should it pass an MOT without them?
    Thanks in advance!!

    • admin says:

      The only way you can get an MOT pass without indicators is if the logbook states the bike was registered before 01/08/1986 or it’s restricted to less than 30mph. Alternatively you could opt for a daytime-only MOT but that would mean no lights at all, just a working continuous tone horn, and you wouldn’t be able to ride it at night.

  • kendall riehl says:

    Hi I have a Kaiser ks125 will it fail the mot if 4 fairings are missing and will it pass.without a windscreen visor

  • Chris says:

    Hi There,

    I was wanting to make a custom change to my bike in regards to a home made Angel Eye style headlight using LED’s in the ring shape which would have the small ring for low beam and an additional larger ring surrounding this for a high beam setting, my question is if the light leveling is correct would this pass the MOT?

    I was also thinking of a winter project of adding under fairing Red LED’s to give a glow effect coming out of the bike this would be on a switch which is off while riding would this 1. be Legal 2. pass an Mot?

    • admin says:

      The LED lighting at the front would have to project white light and be bright enough plus there would need to be a clear beam pattern at the correct height. Generally though LEDS do none of those things as they don’t project light far enough…

      The red LEDS, as they are red, could simply be classed as running lights. So no problem as long as they don’t point forwards.

  • stanley says:

    Hi – very interesting read!

    My set up includes:-

    1) Twin H4 HIDs (manual switch 1st light on, 2nd light on timer 10 secs later; beam pattern is ok)
    2) Brake light flasher (flashes for 2 seconds then solid; no repeat for 8 secs)

    3) banjo bolt pressure switch replacing rear brake switch

    about to fit

    4) banjo bolt pressure switch to replace front brake switch

    I understood the self levelling for HIDS only related to cars, and would also appreciate your comments on other items ref mot/legality

    many thanks for an excellent resource 🙂

    • admin says:

      Your HID lights at the front should be fine as long as they are white or yellow but what’s the brake light flasher all about? To pass an MOT, and be road legal, a brake light, once applied, needs to come on immediately and be constant. No flashing and no interference from other sources.

      Your hydraulic brake switches are fine as long as they work correctly (and immediately) and don’t leak fluid.

  • Paul says:

    Have a 2011 motocross bike which is road legal and at present can carry two people. can I remove all lights inc indicators and get daytime mot. And also fit single seat and remove rear foot pegs.

    • admin says:

      As long as all lights (including the brake light!?!?) are removed or completely covered plus you have a rear reflector and a continuous tone horn everything should be dandy. You can also remove the rear seat, no problem. Leave the pegs if you wish. What you *can’t* have is a seat but no pegs…

  • Lee says:

    I bought a honda crf 450 x , it’s new & road regestered, it comes with no horn
    If his is illegal how are they aloud to sell the bikes as road leagal off roader’s ?

    • admin says:

      I have no idea Lee. There was a similar issue with some of Suzuki’s fancy rear lights which simply did not meet the UK MOT requirements. All I can say is sometimes it happens. Things slip through… But as things stand, if you were to bring a bike to us without a working horn it would fail.

  • mark says:

    Hi, do the indicators need to work while the engine is off? Forthe mot? They work and flash fine when the engine ia running. Also do I need a light on the dash telling me if I’m on dipped beam or main beam. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      No Mark, as long as they work while the engine is running that’s fine. The high beam idiot light on the dash is not an MOT requirement for motorcycles either =)

  • Ivan says:

    Hi i own a 1976 side car combo could you tell me if it requires a day time running light as at the moment the side light is wired as a parking light and only comes on when the ignition key is removed in the park position,also i would like to fit an old style claxon instead of puny horn it currently has is this legal.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ivan. The light will be fine as it is but an old style claxon horn would not be sufficient for MOT purposes. It can be an added extra, no problem, but there still has to be a functioning continuous tone horn.

  • karl George says:

    Hi i have a 1988 Dr 125, when i turn on the indicators there is a couple of seconds delay before they come on, is this an mot failure.

    • admin says:

      Hi Karl. From the way you describe it, yes that’s probably a fail. A slight delay is acceptable but a couple of seconds is no good at all. Plus your indicators have to flash at a good speed. Is your battery in good condition and is it’s charge being maintained by the alternator? That’s the first thing I would check =)

      • karl says:

        once they have started they flash at a normal rate and change direction it is istant

        • admin says:

          Then it just depends on the length of the delay between the first flick of the indicator switch and the first flash. Unfortunately I can’t advise you any better than that without seeing it.

  • Paul says:

    Hi. Do bikes need a charging system for the lights? Or can it be charged when not being used.
    I was thinking of retro fitting a dynamo as going a stator kit way would be the expensive way. Thanks (KTM SXF 250 2008)

    • admin says:

      The MOT requirement is that the lights work for the test. So if they are charged and work it will pass. It is then your responsibility to ensure they continue to work when the vehicle is being used on a public highway.

  • andy bowie says:

    Hi I came on here looking for info about headlight aim requirements which I have got thanks, but I may have another problem. I have a 04 yam r6 which had a pair of headlight lenses on each side each pair only having one bulb behind them. The original set up meant on dip beam only one pair lit up . Ive seen other bikes with this assymetrical lighting and I always think it looks stupid so I dismantled the lamps and fitted a pair of bi xenon projectors. They had to be fitted at the outer side of each lamp ( ie replacing the two outer lenses) as there wasnt enough room behind the inner lenses. I read in an old post that the two lights have to be no more than 200mm apart. Is this dimension to the inner edges of each lens or the centre? I cant see any reason at all why my lights should be a fail, having two seperate dip lights looks much better than looking like one isnt working but if the 200mm rule is to the centres then it may fail.

  • Scott says:

    I have new Honda MSX125/Grom and I would like to replace the factory fitted side reflectors with combo reflectors/side lights. Would this pass an MOT in the future ?

    I would replace the front one with amber reflector/side light and rear one with red reflector/side light.

    You can see the reflectors on this picture :-

    And I plan to wire up with a off/on switch with these e-marked reflectors/side lights :-



  • Tom G says:

    Hi there,

    Really good site! Quick question regarding my 1981 GS550 build.
    I am wanting to integrate the rear indicators into the back of the bike (instead of on stalks, and separate to the rear/brake light). My only problem is the clear space between them will only be about 15-18cm, is there any chance this would fail my M.O.T or be illegal as there won’t be enough distance between them?

    I know I don’t technically need indicators at all due to the age of the bike, but it would be nice to have some, but don’t want them sticking out!
    Thanks in advance

  • Mike says:

    This is a great website! QQ, i have a 1983 BMW, I’ve removed the indicators front and rear in the hope the bike is except for indicators being registered pre 86, however the handlebar controls have an integrated indicator switch i can’t remove… might this be a problem?

    • admin says:

      Thanks Mike, appreciate the comment 🙂
      As long as the switch doesn’t affect any other electrics on the vehicle it won’t be an issue.

  • John says:

    I have an xjr1300 which is more of a race bike, the indicators let it down, can I remove these including the wiring and switch making it look like it never had them and still get it through an MOT.
    I also own a 1960 motorcycle so used to riding without indicators, I wouldn’t advise removing indicators to someone who is a more modern rider
    The only thing that bothers me is that VOSA seem to change the rules and wording of MOT’s slightly from year to year but once I’ve removed all traces of the indicators it won’t be easy to re fit them.

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      Any motorcycle first registered before 1st August 1986 does not need indicators to pass an MOT, everything else does.

  • Simon says:

    Hi, i am fitting an aftermarket dash to my streetfighter. What indication lights do i need to pass an MOT eg. high beam light, neutral light?


    • admin says:

      The important thing is that you can see the indicators functioning from a normal seated position. If not, you’ll need an idiot light for them, but that’s the only one.

  • Dave says:

    Hiya I’m in the process of building a chop and have removed the clocks and replaced them with a bicycle speedo, problem is I now have no idiot lights, could you tell me exactly which idiot lights I am required to have. Sorry if this has been asked before.

    • admin says:

      As long as you can see the indicators flashing from a normal seated position you don’t actually need the idiot lights for an MOT.

  • David Earley says:

    Hi, I currently have an all in one rear light / indicator unit, fitted by the previous owner, it bothers me that the indicators are so close together and as I ride a lot at night and in poor conditions wish to reinstate the separate indicators, can I leave the current indicators connected and have both flashing?

    • admin says:

      I’m afraid not. These units are no longer an MOT pass unfortunately. Our suggestion would be to take the power lines connecting the indicators within the unit and use those to power the new separate ones.

  • Rob says:

    Hey. I’ve got a cbr900rr streetfighter and the R6 subframe i have on it is attached using 5mm thick steel brackets as opposed to being bolted in like the standard subframe would be. Reason being is the R6 subframe is wider than the Honda one so hence it not fitting like standard. Would this be ok or would I need something else made up for it instead?

  • Henry says:

    Hi there,

    I am looking for a new tail light and I see one that has “smoked glass” which is basically slightly tinted, but not particularly dark. Will this pass the MOT so long as the lights function correctly? Also, would you know if this is road legal police-wise?


  • Ric says:

    I’ve got a chopper with a custom hardtail frame. It’s registered 1999 but was built with no indicators, mirrors or reflectors.

    Will this pass the MOT?

    Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      Mirrors are no issue but if the bike has lights it will need both indicators and a reflector at the back. The alternative would be to go for a daytime only MOT, which would mean removing (or disabling) the lights. All you then need is a reflector at the rear and a horn.

  • trevor bailey says:

    Hi,I have a slightly smaller number plate than what the law states,it’s not stupidly small would this be a fail?

    • admin says:

      The MOT rules ask us to make a visual inspection of the number plate If it looks obviously small by law we are required to fail it. If it looks OK it should pass. We would have to see it to answer the question definitively. Bring it down 😉

  • Bill says:

    Hi, are there any rules as to where the tail/stop light can be fitted. I want to mount it on the left side of my bobber, would this be legal. cheers bill.

  • Arthur says:

    got a Yamaha xs650 hardtail. i know about the “1986” rule for side indicators, but still got a dilemma. the bike is an american inport, manufactured and registered overseas 1980 (v5c states that), but imported and registered in uk only 1997. does it need the side indicators?

    • Arthur says:

      to addition : just found something that looks like official wording of the regulation, and it says : “first used”, and there is no mention of UK or any other country. am i right in thinking it don’t need the indicators, as it was first used in 1980 (in usa) ?

      • admin says:

        Yup, that’s correct. The vehicle was first registered on the road before 1986 so it won’t need indicators 🙂

  • Gogs says:

    Hi guys
    Great site but i have a wee question i have a triumph sprint st 2002 and want to add a relay so both headlights come on at the same time instead of just the one as per factory spec is this legal to do this and will it pass the mot if done

    • admin says:

      The issue with this is the beam pattern. The lens is designed differently on each side so if you illuminate both at the same time your beam pattern will be too high for low beam and too low for high beam… Your best bet is to fit additional spot lights if more light is what you’re after.

  • Paul E says:

    Hi, I have a Harley with a combined tail light, stop light and indicators. The previous light, where half the tail / stop light stopped when the indicator was flashing failed the MOT due to the operation one light affecting another. I now have another unit where the indicators are still built in but do not affect the operation of the stop or tail light, they flash separately. Reading a reply above will this now fail an MOT as well, and if so for what reasoning / regulation?

    On a separate issue, my front indicators are built into the mirrors as led’s with two strips of five led’s on each mirror. One of the led’s is a bit temperamental and occasionally doesn’t light. Unfortunately you can’t replace the led’s so the whole mirror will have to be replaced, also requiring a pair to be purchased. Will this also fail the MOT if one led fails to light within a group? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      If the bulbs are contained within one lens, the bike will fail. If it’s a cluster of separate lenses but combined into one unit, as you have at the rear of most car, it will be fine.

      One broken LED within a strip will not be an issue 🙂

  • steve says:

    just bought a 1980 xs650 bobber it has a current mot and has an operational front brake light but looks like it has never been fitted with a rear switch is this an mot failure?

  • ed says:

    Hi there. I was hoping to replace my current indicators on my fz1-n with 50mm strip ones which attach by being stuck on the bike. I was either going to stick them on either side of the number plate or either side of the tail unit. Will this be ok for mot?
    Thanks ed

    • admin says:

      Hi Ed, Difficult to say without seeing where you intend to stick them exactly but the important thing is that they need to be ‘clearly visible from the rear of the bike’ and this will be at the examiner’s discretion. They must also flash at the correct speed.

  • jon says:

    ive got a cagiva mito evo 125, we fitted LED lights for indicator and it has dimmed the signal light on the dashboard, will this fail an MOT?

    • admin says:

      The MOT requirement is that it is clear to the rider when the indicators are flashing. So if you can easily see the indicators from a normal riding position you don’t need an idiot light at all. If not, the light needs to be bright enough to be clearly visible in daylight.

  • darren smith says:

    hi there I have a rieju 125msx 2004 my neutral light does not work will this fail the mot or could I put tape over the light indicator so you carnt see it there fore you would be unable to test that bit

    • admin says:

      Don’t worry about it. It won’t fail because of the neutral light. Besides, it’s probably just a bulb that needs replacing…

  • allan says:

    hi ive a lifan 125 im prepping for mot ive noticed that my headlight dims slightly when the indicators are in use it stays lit but dims a fraction is this a problem for the mot thanks in advance “yes with engine running”

  • Simon Rogers says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve got a 1977 Yamaha IT400 enduro bike I want to mot. The headlight is mounted to the brackets on rubber bushes, it is secure but you can move it up and down by about 5mm if you grab hold of it. Will this pass or does it need to be unmovable ? Thanks

  • Jason says:

    hi firstly thanks for all the time you guys take to answer questions.
    I have two very powerful crew spots on my old bike but my new bandit has rubbish lights so I was thinking about mounting one above the other on a bracket however they have a spot in the middle and a flare around the outside. I was intending to fix tubes over them to direct the flare. in regards to a low beam can I put a half circle plate on the end of the tube to give a flat light and if so would I have to tilt it so the left side is higher than the right. for the kick?finally does the high beam need to be flat tilted or focused at all and does it need to light up with the dipped beam on?
    thanks for your help

  • Martin Pritchard says:

    Just got a piaggio NRG 50cc for my son and the lift Indicators have stopped working will this fail a m.o.t

  • Rob says:

    Great site Tony, very informative page this, thanks in advance for taking the time to answer questions.

    I have read all and have a question that hasn’t been asked (yet). I am wanting to perform the Honda 956 tail light mod to my blue/white SRAD, I am going to leave the current LED stalk indicators attached and will check if the integrated indicators on the unit flash independently of the brake light (if not I wont connect) but the unit in question has a blue lens, is this an MOT fail issue.

    cheers Robb

    • admin says:

      Integrated indicators are OK as long as more than 50% of the tail light remains clearly visible when they flash and the unit is E marked – otherwise indicators need to be 18″ apart by law. The blue lens poses no issue as long as the brake/tail light is clearly red when illuminated and the indicators are orange.

  • andy says:

    I ride a trike and was almost hit by a car coming towards me although I showing 2 led side marker lights on the front of the rear mudguards plus the headlight was on dip .(It was broad daylight and the car driver was sober) I have seen flashing white led lights would it be ok to fit one of these underneath the head lamp and still be legal?

    • admin says:

      I wouldn’t pass anything with flashing lights (except indicators, naturally) anywhere except an emergency vehicle, sorry.

  • Gary says:

    Hi there, I’m currently buying a custom built Harley Davidson bobber bike, it’s registered as a L reg bike.
    It Dosnt have a speedo or indicators. Now would this only have a day time MOT? And it so what would I need to do so I could ride it at night as well?

    • admin says:

      Bike’s registered after 1986 need indicators if you want to ride them at night. You will also need a headlight, rear light and stop light. Oddly enough the speedo isn’t covered under the MOT so it makes no difference.

      If you decide not to have indicators and go for a day time only MOT you would have to remove *all* other lights as well. Even the stop lamp. Crazy, I know.

  • Andrew Dowson says:

    Hi, I’ve just flat tracked a 1983 zx550, I’m putting a new rear tail light on, does it have to have a running light and brake light or would it be ok with just a brake light?

    • admin says:

      It either has to have a full set of lights – headlight, rear light and brake light or none at all. As it’s pre-1986 you don’t need indicators though 🙂

  • Johnboy says:

    Hi I have a trike with one slandered headlight for full beam and dip beam , directly below it there is a led headlight for side light and a secondary main beam is this set up ok for a mot pass ?

  • Marcus says:

    I know that bikes registered before 1986 do not require indicators however I have a 1975 CB550 that I’m in the process of putting back on the road and my query is whether I’ll need indicators? I have the dating cert so it will be registered on an age-related plate though technically it’s being registered in 2016? Quite confused trying to imagine how it will be viewed by Vosa.

    Many thanks


  • Arthur says:

    Hi there,
    Would appreciate your help on the following, I’d like to be able to fit one of these led strips with built in amber signal indicators. here’s the link: (please watch the video on the page)
    Will this pass an MOT? My motorcycle is is first registered in June 1986. Also the front headlight lense is currently an european version (right hand drive optics) and with a yellow tint, would this fail an MOT if I was to use the headlight conversion kit sticker on the lense? You can view my bike config on here:

    many thanks,

    • admin says:

      You’ve cause an argument with this LED strip. We have, currently, no finite answer to this and for that reason it would be a fail if you brought it to us. Looks great though doesn’t it? I have contacted VOSA about it and will get back to you when I have an answer 🙂

      Your headlight, as stated, would be fine.

  • Arthur says:

    Hi, sorry a bit of a follow up on my previous question.

    I’ve just done an MOT and passed it fine but the tester asked me remove the rear indicators because I haven’t got the front indicators installed. My bike is first registered in 19/06/1986. Was the tester right in requesting to remove the rear indicators? Otherwise it would have been fail as he said.

  • Ian says:

    Hi, my question relates to flashing brake lights based on how hard you brake, are these UK legal now as I have seen them on alot of high end cars being released in the UK ?

  • scott melville says:


    Currently building up a streetfighter on a 1983 suzuki gsx750 and I am hopefully going to fit an aftermarket headlight that has twin bulbs, both of which are wired for dip and main as normal. The indicators are seperate bulbs but are with with integrated into the main body of the headlight unit and cowl. It is an “Alien” model aftermarket unit. Would this be ok or are the indicators to close to each other? please see attached link

    • fasttrack says:

      In regards to the aftermarket headlight, we would have to fail the bike MOT as a result of 1 light interfering with another because the separation distance between the indicators is too small.

  • Darren says:

    just wondering my 2003 aprilia sr50 has 2 shields in the twin headkights which makes them look like a set of side lights would my bike still pass MOT with the shields out to make them look like dipped lights or would i have to leave them in and buy another headlight and take the shields outa them to use


    • fasttrack says:

      no you cannot take them out or else they would fail an MOT, They’re required to reflect the light in order to change the light intensity so they’re needed.

  • ChrisF says:

    Hi, I have a Gilera 125 scooter. My telltale indicator lamps on the dash function but the RH one remains lit when the indicators are off, then flashes on and off when the indicator is used. In your opinion is this a pass? Last year the MOT centre passed and advised on it (saying that it still performed its stated function). Need to use a different center this year.

    • fasttrack says:

      If power is going to the indicator lamps on the dash, then power must be going to the indicators, so check your indicators. We would fail this as there is clearly an issue with the indicators.

  • kevin brayshaw says:

    I have a 1969 bsa a65 lightning.the brake light only works with the rear brake and was never fitted with one which functioned with the front brake.
    do i need to adapt or alter my bsa so the brake light functions with both brakes please.

  • Neill says:

    Hi there. I’m looking at importing a chopper from the US. As far as I can tell the rear lights are combined with the indicators. However, these are two separate units, one on each side of the bike. Both light up(red) when braking, but when you indicate the relevant side turns to a flashing orange light. Would this be a fail based on interruption, of a pass in that 50% remains lit? Thanks in advance.

    • fasttrack says:

      As long as there is a central tail brake light then this should pass, however if it does fail you could just unplug the brake light from the indicators and this would solve the issue 🙂

  • Bill says:

    hi guys,

    Speedo – can I mount it on top of left leg of forks below handle bars on Harley sportster, or does it have to be in the centre of the bike / bars?

    What’s the latest on all-in-one tail light, brake light, rear indicator units – can you use them, or do the indicators need to be 180mm apart?

    many thanks, Bill.

    • fasttrack says:

      The Speedometer can be mounted anywhere so long as it is visible and doesn’t interfere with the steering.
      In regards to the all-in-ones, most of them are fails as the lights interfere with another lights operation. It would be down to the examiners judgement on the day.

  • Jhon Smeaton says:

    hi, jhonny here, just want to ask if my 50cc moped will pass an mot with bicycle wheels on it?

  • Reece says:

    Hi I’m just wondering if there is a set place that a headlight has to be mounted or it it could be mounted anywhere on the front of the bike like the lower forks for example

    • fasttrack says:

      There is no fixed point for the headlights to be mounted, but it has to be able to pass the beam test as the angle of the lights could be an issue.

  • Mark says:

    I am building a bobber motorcycle and the wiring loom that i have purchased flashes the rear turn signals 3 times as well as illuminating the rear brake light when the brakes are applied …….. would this pass an MOT ?

  • Mark says:

    A couple more questions …… I have a side number plate on the rear, can I attach the reflector to the number plate, or does it need to be on the centreline of the frame ?
    I assume the side number plate should be installed on the offside?

    • fasttrack says:

      The reflector has to be along the centreline of the bike, and yes the number plate should be installed on the offside 🙂

  • Gary says:

    Can I have indicators that also function as running lights, US style?

    • fasttrack says:

      no because permanent lights at the back need to be Red and permanent front lights need to be white therefore they cannot function as indicators.

  • Gary says:

    Can I have as side mounted number plate provided the stop and tail light are on the central line of the bike, what if the stop / tail light were on the side mounting above the plate ? Also what about MOT on number plate size (many bikes on the road have small plates)?

    • fasttrack says:

      yes you can have a side mounted number plate, all number plates are a set sizing and anything different is illegal, your stop/tail lights can be side mounted above the plate.

  • James says:

    Does a motorcycle need a full beam headlight ?
    If it has twin main/dipped beam headlights?

  • Simon says:


    Is there a requirement to have a handlebar mounted emergency switch?



  • Rhory says:

    I own a 2000 CB400SF which was imported from Japan. It was never sold in Europe. The forward indicators eliminate and stay on with the headlight when the ignition is turned on (like running/marked lights) and flash off when indicating left out right in time with the rears Is it legal for the forward indicators to stay on and fish off like this?

    Hondas new msx125 has the same also and it’s sold in Europe.

    • fasttrack says:

      Indicator running lights on imports are usually fine so long as they’re not too bright, however we usually suggest clipping the wire to the running light.

  • Graeme says:

    If a bike is fitted with bar end indicators does it need rear ones.

    • fasttrack says:

      yes indicators need to be clearly visible from the rear (even when turning corners) so you need rear indicators.

  • Nathan says:

    hi my scooter 125cc sinnis harrier bought from new one day i went to set off and noticed my indicator lights was not flashing just seemed to stay on i dont no what may have caused it but any help would be appreciated thanks

    • fasttrack says:

      Check all 4 bulbs are working, if so then a part is potentially malfunctioning and so you would need to take it to a garage.

  • Mark Bradburn says:

    Hi, I have a 1987 Kawasaki GPX750 project. When I bought it it had a different front end with a drum brake and no brake light switch. If I change this wheel for one with no brake at all will this be legal? Many thanks

  • Paul says:

    Hi. Recently got hold of a headlight for my cafe racer build which is a perfect fit/look, only thing is the beam dips to the right – it is e marked. Can I use beam deflectors or tape it to make it legal ?.

    Useful site this, thanks for taking the time.


  • Andrew says:

    Hello, I have a 2015 GSX-R 750 which is primarily a road bike which I will also want to use on track. It will always have a full MOT (although at the moment it doesn’t need one) for proper road use.

    Will I be able to remove items such as the lights, indicators and mirrors (in case of a spill) and still be able to legally ride it to and from the track during daylight hours?

    How are daylight hours defined by law?

    I guess I’m asking what I can remove from the bike and still ride it legally on the highway for a day.

    • admin says:

      Hi. The MOT test is simply a test that the vehicle needs to pass on the day is is tested. Thereafter it is the rider’s responsibility to keep the bike roadworthy at all times. In theory then, the bike should be able to pass an on-the-spot MOT at any time whilst it is being used on the road. To pass a daytime MOT you would need to remove *all* lights, including (believe it or not) the brake light… That said, I’m not trained in law so I can’t guarantee you wouldn’t get fingered if you were stopped with no lights at all and produced a normal MOT…

      Maybe you could remove it all, get a daylight MOT and use a trailer when it’s dark…

      There is no legal definition that I am aware of in regard to ‘daylight hours’ but ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ are pretty well defined by the met office…

      Hope that helps 🙂

  • Rueben says:

    Hey, lots of good info here. Apologies if my issue has already been addressed.

    I have recently picked up a 1993 Yamaha rxs100, originally a commuter style, but I’ve adapted it for off-road capability. Trail bars, tyres, removed passenger pegs, chain guard, battery and indicators. Question is: will this qualify as an off-roader to make lack of indicators legal? If not is it just a case of shortening my seat or will it always remain a commuter in the eyes of an mot tester?


    • fasttrack says:

      If there is space for a pillion then there has to be pegs. What you’re asking for is a daytime MOT which is achievable so long as you tape up or remove all of the lights ( including the brake light).

  • Dave says:

    My apologies if this has been covered already, two many comments to read them all. I have a 2003 900 diversion, a friend told me if I remove the indicators and mask off the switch it will pass the mot as there’s nothing to test. Is this true or will I fail?

  • Bart says:

    I trawled through the questions but didn’t find what i was looking for. I’m building a cafe racer and am stuck in terms of the rear lights. I found a LED strip with integrated rear/brake/indicator lights, which is a flexible, waterproof stick on unit.
    Would that pass an MOT if stuck to the rear of the hump/seat? Is it seemed ‘securely fit’ enough? Bike is a pre ’86.
    Also, as to the reflector – rules mention keeping it on the longitudinal axis of the bike, so down the center line. My reg plate is to the side of the frame – would a reflector stuck to the plate be okay, or does it need to be stuck onto the center line, on the hump?


    • fasttrack says:

      The led strip depends on how far the lights are together, as sometimes they are too close together, it is down to the examiners discretion. The reflector has to be down the centreline of the bike.

  • Dan says:

    Hello. I am military getting ready to move to a new duty station. I have a US-spec Honda CBR500R. The front turn signals on the bike are dual-filament bulbs, so they act as running lights in addition to turn signals. Will I need to obtain “E” spec turn signals to get this bike legal on UK roads or will it be OK as is?

  • Omar says:

    Hi there, I recently crashed my CBR125r and the front fairing, including the headlight, have been removed. So the bike only has rear brake light, horn, the reflective cirlces, only the rear indicators and the two mini lights that you see connected to the wiring and into the headlight unit. Would it be possible to ride bike only in daytime without getting any trouble from the UK police, bearing in mind that i’d have to be using hand signals when i want to turn

    Also i was thinking of converting the bike into a streetfighter and using those headlights in the link below, which are E-marked. So wondering if i would pass an MOT if it had those headlights, with all sets of indicators, refective circles and working brake light

    • fasttrack says:

      You would be able to have a daytime MOT if you removed all lights and indicators from the bike. However you cannot ride until you have a daytime MOT.

      As long as everything else is in order those headlights should be fine for a normal MOT if you fixed the other lights, reflectors and indicators.

  • Mark Stringer says:

    Hi, I have an imported Honda VT1100 Aero which has the front indicators on constantly and obviously flash when required. Is this ok for an MOT and is it legal?

    • admin says:

      As long as the indicators use a two filament bulb -in other words the running lights are dim and the indicators are bright – it should be fine.

  • Keagan Van De Merwe says:

    Hi I have a yamaha YZF R125 and I want to mod the bike to have the low beam stay on when the high beam is switched on to have better visibility in the dark would this be legal. Also I am considering putting in a hid kit (white) as well as a angel halo and led strips like audi does to their cars would this be legal as well

    • Keagan Van De Merwe says:

      By the way the hid’s will be in projector housing use the normal switch for low and high beam and all the other stuff will have a separate switch

    • admin says:

      None of this should be an issue as long as it doesn’t adversely affect the beam pattern and height 🙂

  • Alan says:

    Hi, must the headlamp move with the steering or is it OK to be static with the line of the bike? That is – effectively front mudguard mounted.

    • admin says:

      Um. I’m not sure I’ve *ever* seen a bike with a headlight that moves with the steering. Would prove very odd when cornering at speed. I’m pretty sure it would fail an MOT too! Yes, a static headlight will be fine…

  • chris says:

    Hi, I am looking to replace my current headlight, do they have to be e marked?

    Thanks Chris

  • patrick says:

    Hi there, looking to get a 2006 Lifan back on the road after 6 years in the shed.
    One clear indicator lens has disappeared, but the yellow indicator bulb still functions, will this be an MOT failure? Currently trying to source a replacement lens..

  • Adam says:

    Hi there,

    This is a great site and thank you for answering all these queries!

    I have a dual-sport supermoto which currently has factory indicators and a switch on the handlebars.

    If I remove the indicators, but leave the switch on the dash (which will become redundant) is that a fail, and would I need to also remove the switch? Or option three, fail either way?


    • fasttrack says:

      Hi Adam,
      I’m glad you like the site!
      And if you take the indicators off you can go through a daylight MOT and it will pass with the switch on as long as you don’t have any other lights. If you tried to do a normal MOT it would fail because you don’t have indicators.

  • Ross Hutchings says:

    I own a 02 Yamaha Thundercat. the front position light/side is inop but both dip and main beam are fine. I have been told by local bike MOT centre that it will fail for the position light being inop. can you confirm whether or not it is a fail as, at the top of this page, it says that it is considered a separate light.
    Many thanks

  • I have a 1979 Harley Davidson 1200cc ,the brake light only comes on when I press the rear brake peddle ,will this pass a British mot ,,,Thanks for any help ,,

    • fasttrack says:

      Both brake levers must operate the brake light unless the bike was manufactured without a front brake switch. If it was manufactured without the switch it will pass the MOT.

  • Craig Marshall says:

    What does ‘reflect squarely to the rear’ mean? Does the reflector have to be at 90° to the road or can you stick it to the bottom of the number plate even if that is angled up slightly.


    • admin says:

      It needs to reflect a light that shines onto it from behind so it depends on how steep the angle is. Generally though a reflector stuck to a number plate is a pass.

  • Miike says:

    I’ve got a KTM 950 adventure. This has two fuel tanks left and right.

    My tanks are off being painting but I need to MOT in the bike in the meantime.

    I have a spare tank, but only one. Is the bike likely to pass an MOT with only one (left side) fuel tank attached? Everything else operates normally.

    Oh and I’ve removed the screen due to buffeting.

    • admin says:

      As long as everything is secured properly and there are no fuel leaks (may have to blank off the second tank filler pipe) there shouldn’t be any problem.

  • sebastian says:

    hi i have a malaguti f12 50cc (moped) will it pass the mot with european headlights is the a way to go round the wrong beam pattern?

  • Matt 000789 says:

    Ive just fitted led indicators on my bike and changed relay as that was broke but when i turn ignition on indicators dont blink but are slightly lit but when engines running everythings fine would this be a fail?

    • fasttrack says:

      It sounds like your battery is low, but if they work completely fine when its running then its an MOT pass.

  • Dan Mc says:

    why does my front and rear lights flash when i use the indicators?

    • fasttrack says:

      You need to check the earths for your indicator/headlight wiring. If you have aftermarket indicators then it could be a problem with resistance from the new indicators. Either way it needs to be fixed before an MOT test as this is a failure.

  • Michael says:

    Hi I’m just wondering if my bike will fail its mot due to not having rear pavilion foot pegs its a learner bike so I can’t carry passengers anyways but would it fail nether the less?

    • fasttrack says:

      You always need to have pillion pegs if you have a rear seat. If you have a seat cowl/cover or a road legal enduro bike then rear pegs are not needed.

  • rob says:

    chinese integrated indicators brake light, will the pass if not e marked?

    • fasttrack says:

      To be 100% certain we’d have to see it, and is it a lens cluster or are all the bulbs withing the same lens because they need to be in a separate lens compartment.

  • Mike Redmond says:

    Hi fastrack great service by the way, can I sit my number plate and lights on top of my rear mudguard would it be ok for mot. Thanks.

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi Mike,
      Yes it would be fine as long as the number plate is close to vertical and must be illuminated by a small number plate light.

  • George O'Donnell says:

    Hi my scooter is due an MOT and I was gonna take it down tomorrow but the rear tail light is cracked not on the main facia so that to obscure the light but at top connection it’s currently taped on will it fail the MOT I have the part ordered just not getting delivered for a few days I really have to use the bike can you help me please

    • admin says:

      Don’t panic! It should be fine as long as no white light shows through the cracks – use black insulation tape but don’t obscure the part of the light that shines red from the rear 🙂

      • George O'Donnell says:

        Thanks that’s really appreciated I was a bit worried not wanting fail or get pulled over IV searched everywhere for somewhere in Glasgow that sells scooter parts but no luck so I ordered straight from the manufacturer but thanks for the feed back

  • Chris says:

    Are side lights counted as part of motorcycle mot?
    Replacement headlight unit does not have one, or place to install one.
    Headlight comes on auto when engine started.

  • Miller hopkins says:

    Hello I have a dtr 125 the rear running light has stopped working do I need one for mot the brake light and everything else works fine

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there,
      If you are going for a full MOT and have all other lights then you would definitely need to have a rear running light. If you were going for a daylight MOT then you would have to remove all lights and indicators.

  • Richard Wells says:

    Could you please clear this up for me?

    I have a 1985 Honda H100S with rubbish electrics. I’m wanting to turn it into a cafe racer style bike. If I remove all lights and just leave horn, speedo, numberplate and rear reflector will it still pass an mot?

    Also planning on removing front mudguard, chain cover and removing pillion pegs and fitting a single seat. Would this still pass also? Are there any rules for amount of rear mudguard covering rear wheel?

    Sorry for so many questions.

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi Richard,
      If you want to remove the lights then you would have to put in for a daylight MOT. You would have to remove all the lights and indicators fitted. If you remove the pillion pegs and just have a single seat it would be a pass. For the rear mudguard, it doesn’t matter how much is covering the rear wheel, as long as it doesn’t have any sharp edges etc and is secure. You can remove the front mudguard completely and you would probably get an advisory but still pass. If you have removed the pillion pegs, then you wont need the chain guard, but again might get an advisory.
      Hope this answers all your questions

  • steve says:

    hi, i am considering swapping out my headlight but the replacements i am looking at, although dipped & high-beam (E-marked for road use), im not sure they have a fitted side-light. Is the sidelight a requirement for mot ?
    I have always believed the side light to be a legal requirement… is this not actually the case ?

  • Jordan says:

    Hi there, I recently had a MOT which my bike failed it’s a 2003 Honda Cbr 600rr. It failed because I have a integrated rear indicator/ brake light unit which I purchased from demon tweeks it is E stamped. What’s your thoughts thanks J

    • fasttrack says:

      Under British MOT law a integrated tail unit will fail if the indicators affect the brake light. So if your indicators are not in separate compartments it wont matter if it’s E stamped or not it’s still a fail.
      Hope this helps

  • mick says:

    I have a Suzuki Volusia 2001 that was professionally converted to a trike, it has no hazard lights but has passed the MOT test for years. I have recently been advised that it will not pass now without fitting hazard lights, is this correct?

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi Mick,
      It depends on weight and a couple of of other items as to whether it needs hazards, but we are not sure as we don’t do the class. You need to try a 3 wheeler MOT station. Sorry we can’t give you more help.

  • Ian Harrison says:

    Hello there.
    I have a couple of questions in regards to the MOT issue. I have seen that people have asked before but that was a while ago and I know that laws change. Can you run your bike still without mirrors? Also with regards to indicators can I remove the front ones and run bar end indicators? Also I take it the integrated tail lamp units are still a fail.
    Many thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to get these points clarified in my head.

    • fasttrack says:

      Hi there,
      Yes you can still pass with no mirrors and bar end indicators are still a pass. And yes you are correct an integrated tail unit is a fail, if the indicators interfere with the rear/brake light in any way.
      Hope this clears everything up for you.

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